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100% Access Zero Disparities

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  New Start Health Centers;   Start Smart for Long-Term   Stability (6/26/02)

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National Partners Providing Assistance to Local Health Center and 100% Zero Disparity Efforts

The Access Project partners with The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and many other national organizations to ensure community groups across the country working to achieve 100% access and zero health disparities and/or an expansion of health centers, can receive technical assistance to help them reach their goals. Here is a list of important contacts you should be aware of and feel free to contact:

Technical and Data Resources for Local Health Center and 100% Zero Disparity Efforts

HRSA, other governmental agencies, and many non-governmental philanthropic organizations have created a wide variety of web-based technical resources that can assist you in accessing important data sources for your work. The Access Project is pleased to put you in touch with these important resources. To find links to info rmation on the Homeless Population, Public Housing Residents, Foreign-Born Population, School Children, Migrant Farmworkers, Older Adults, Native Americans, and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, please see the important links below:

The Homeless Population
The National Coalition on Homelessness (NCH) suggests that in order to find the number of homeless persons by county or city level, it is better to contact the individual local homeless coalitions. The NCH provides the directory for contacting the local homeless coalitions at web site http://www.nationalhomeless.org/state/
For selected cities, the Conference of Mayors Report on Hunger and Homelessness releases status report every year. Please see web site at http://www.usmayors.org/